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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Is your property not being shown?

Have you had few or no showings on your property? You might want to verify the following information with your listing agent. If your house is listed with the wrong price or in the wrong area, I won't be able to find you. Your house might be my client's dream home, and I can't find you. MLS is a very sophisticated database with enormous capabilities, but the listing agent must enter all the necessary information carefully. Here are some of the common problems I've seen recently:

- the price is too high;
- the price isn't entered correctly. I just saw a property listed for $99,999,000 when the agent meant $99,000;
- incorrect property information. There's a long list of attributes to select from, and if the one feature I'm searching for is left off the list (say a fireplace, for example), I can't find you;
- the property is listed in the wrong area. The San Antonio MLS has the city and surrounding Hill Country broken down into roughly 30 areas. Listing agents sometimes place their listings in the wrong one;
- for land, the total number of acres is sometimes left blank. This isn't a required field (the acreage is provided in a different place), but if I search by total acres, the property doesn't come up. The same is true for other attributes of the property.

Here are a few other characteristics I don't like to see in a listing:
- only one or two pictures. MLS requires at least one picture, but we can post 16!
- bad pictures: there are too many blurry pictures out there, as well as pictures that are too dark to see, pictures of ceiling fans, etc. It makes buyers think there's nothing to show off about the house;
- no agent remarks;-
the listing agent's description of the house is too short, not informative, or exaggerated.

Choose your listing agent carefully. There are many excellent real estate professionals in our area.

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